Shri Shyamal Dhon Dutta ( Solicitor High Court) who hails from Hath Khola Dutta Bari inaugarated this puja in the year 1882 and till date the 6th descendent of the family is carrying the tradition forward.

The pratima is made on the Katahamo which is divided into three parts. The kathamo pujo is done on the day of Ulto rath.The chalchitra is divided into three parts. On the upper right side of the  is the painted image of Radha Krishna while at the bottom is the image of Chandi of ‘Nishumbha’ war. On the upper left side of the chalchitra is the picture of Ram and Sita while at its bottom is Chandi in her ‘Shumbho’ form. At the top middle of the chalchitra is the image of Kali and at the bottom is the painted image of 10 avtars of Vishnu. On the curved frame work of the ‘Chalchitra’ are 2 parrots. Towards the idol of Lakshmi on the chachitra is the image of Shiva on an ox while towards the idol of Saraswati is Ram and Hanuman. Durga’s appurtenance, the Lion has a horse face. The entire dress of the pratima is made of clay. The weapons of the partima is of pure silver which is changed on dashami.