The essence of Markandeya Puran

The Markandeya Puran is been authored by Rishi Markandeya, a great sage said to have been blessed with an eternal life. Markandeya tells that Brahma is the cause and effect of everything in the world. The most important section of Markandeya Purana is the Sri Sri Chandi.Devi-Mahatmya fully states the description of devi in different forms and her way to save the universe from the Asuras the evil power. Devi Durga is the supreme goddess of Hindu myhtology to save the world …her Shakti is the emmence power she holds to fight against all the evil. The recitation of Chandi are still the internal part of Durga puja. She is created from the power of Brahma, Vishnu and Maheswar. Devi-Mahatmya is fully related to Ultimate reality, and the power of Trimurti she holds. She holds many incarnations and from like Lord Vishnu from time to time. Mahadevi is said to form from 2 states…Prakiti and Maya…that is why she is Mahamaya.

Some of the facts that Rishi Markendeya stated in devi mahatya is given below :
1. Killing of Madhu Kaitabha

2. The Destruction of Mahishasura
Markandeya says- the gods and the demons fought a fierce battle which lasted for a hundred years. The gods were defeated in this battle. Mahishasura ascended the throne of Indra. Gods went to seek the help of Lord Brahma, Vishnu and Mahadev. The trio power created Devi Durga

Markandeya says- Mahisasur was killed and devi became Mahisasur mardini.

3. Markandeya says- Devi killing the
demons- Shumbh and Nishumbh.’

Markandeya says- the demons- Shumbh and Nishumbh had captured all the three worlds

She took the form of Beauty in form of Kaushiki…seen by Chand and Munda and went to Shumbha to describe her beauty.

4. Killing of Dhumralochan
Markandeya says- Shumbh became very furious and instructed Dhumralochan to bring devi by form she was killed by devi.

5. Killing of Chand and Mund
She became Chandika by killing Chanda and Munda

6. Killing of Raktabeej
Markandeya says-
Devi Chamunda! didi not let any drop of blood to fall and at last, Raktabeej was killed. She beacme Kali.

7. Killing of Nishumbh
Markandeya says- After Raktabeej’s death,Nishumbh and Shumbh attacked the goddess.. In the fierce battle, she killed both of them.

8. Killing of Shumbh
Markandeya says- After Nishubh’s death- a tremendous battle was fought between Devi and Shumbh and ultimately killed her prevaling peace in the universe.