The Making of Durga

The place where the idols are created in the northern part of Kolkata. As Kumortuli started experimenting with form of Devi Durga, there were new variations came out of the goddess the separation of the images, breaking up the ekchala pattern, was a signature of Gopeshwar Pal, who is a legend in this formation.While master idol makers artist like Ramesh Pal, Gorachand Pal, Rakhal Pal and Mohanbanshi Rudrapal, Alok Sen ….gave birth to own unique style
In 1968, Ramesh Ch Paul founded the Shilpi Kendra.Artist who have made a mark in Devi Durga Form. Kumartuli is located in between Rabindra Sarani (formerly Chitpur Road) and the Hooghly River, the region is, at present, between Ahiritola and Sovabazar. First BaroWari puja performed by 12 friends of Guptipara in Hooghly district of West Bengal in 1790 who collected contributions from locals to perform the first pujas by baro-yari or 12 friends.

Kumartuli, Kolkata

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