The spiritual form of devi durga is Yogmaya and her external form is Mahamaya. The Narad Puran states many incarnations of her forms, She is Uma, Gitija, Ambika to name a few.She is beautiful in her form as Lalita, Parvati, Aparajita, Dakshyani as the daughter ofr Daksha, Gouri as the wife of Lord Shiva, Indrakshi as her her eyes are similar of Lord Indra, Jagadhatri as she holds the universe, Katayani as she was once born as the daughter of Kata, Parvati as the daughter of Himalayas. In Brahmapuran devi incarnates herself as Mahalaxshmi in Vainkuntha, Radharani in Gokul and Sarawati as she relates to Lord Brahma. She is Maya the great illusion of energy. , She plays an important part in creation of the world. The worship of the devine power dates back about 4000years old in India. It is related in the Vedic time also the worship of Devi Durga. She is the goddess of the universe and wife of Lord Sghiva with 64 different forms , each represents specific aspect. She represent Prakiti. The uniformity of creation nad destruction is endless and Shiva and Durga resembles the power of the same.
She is the power of sleep and Yoganidra in which Lord Vushnu rests. She holds the energy of the world and the creation of the Universe, she becomes fierce and terrible to demolish the evil power. She destroyed Mahisasur and became Mahisasur mardini, in the form of Kaushiki she Killed Shumbha and Nishumbha, She become Chamunda to kill Chanda and Munda and in the form of Kali she demolished Raktabeeja. In these forms she saves the lord from different evil power.